Map Balearic Islands. Mallorca. Europe, Google Map

Balearic Islands

The islands lie close to each other, giving the sailor a wide choice of more than sixty marinas, all of them equipped with the appropriate technical assistance, as well as numerous coves, which due to their nature, allow us to anchor safely even during night time.
The Balearic coastline is edged with endless sandy beaches and impressively beautiful coves with clear waters, many of them located in areas which are still remote and unspoilt.
Its geographic features are perhaps the most striking and varied of the whole Mediterranean sea, an example of this are the Serra de la Tramuntana peaks, its national parks in Mahon, Alcudia, Cabrera and the charming beauty of Ses Salines landscape in Ibiza, the vast backwaters of Formentera’s quicksand and dozens of places more throughout the islands.

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